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#1 - 2014/01/13 07:32:00 PM
Sitting in bg que for 12-18 mins is not fun at all. I do nothing but bgs everyday.

Would it be possible to link the battle groups together to allow faster ques?

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#3 - 2014/01/13 08:35:00 PM
Battlegrounds have used region-wide matchmaking since Cataclysm. Battlegroups are only used by matchmaking systems as a preferred set of realms to match you with, but queue times will dictate how fast and far it'll attempt to match you with others outside your Battlegroup. So really there are no longer any Battlegroup restrictions or limitations in the game.

Since your post was made in the morning/early afternoon I'd hazard a guess that your play time could be a factor, as most people play the game in the evening, and queue times are of course mainly going to be about how many other people are in the queue with you.

I'd recommend spending your wait-time doing something to pass the time that also works toward a goal, maybe an achievement, or even something more PvP focused like the 5.1 rare spawns that drop Honor tokens - probably a bit more fun that staring at the queue time anyway. :)