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#1 - 2014/01/06 09:42:00 AM
OK so the raid is concluded, and I figured I would let everyone know how it went.

At first, we had some minor setbacks due to missing some participants who happened to be healers and tanks, but a few phone calls here and there and asking in guilds resolved that issue, and soon we got started. Despite our tank dieing on the first pool, afterwards we went on and oneshotted every boss in the first part (including a ninja-pulled Imerseus). We wiped twice on Galakras, but then we downed him and didn't wipe again for the reminder of the raid.

The downside was that due to the unfortunate missing of some people, we were kind of late. Also, the replacement people I brought couldn't stay for longer then 19:00 CET, and as such, we had to call the raid at 18:45 after finishing the first 2 wings.

Overall it was a fun time for me, and I hope it was fun for everyone involved. I must say a few things:
1) there were a lot of good players in this raid. I really saw players around me that really can play. Kudos to everyone in the raid.
2) every single person that was in the raid was NICE. That's even more important then being a good player imo.
3) for you "ilvl 555+ and AotC" 15yo crew, we had so many girls in the raid you can't imagine... but guess what? you won't ever play with them because they happen to not have 555+ :D
4) special thanks to my friends Shockolate, Startusk, Frigate (all from my guild from Kazzak) for readily joining the raid after being waked up (it was afternoon though, so not my fault!), and also to my friend Moroiu from Twisting Nether (just as a fyi - formerly Issuntrill of Method) for coming to tank for us. Without them, this raid wouldn't have happened.
5) thanks to everyone that showed up and joined the raid.

In conclusion: people with lower gear CAN do Flexible without even wiping. People with lower gear CAN play the game just fine. And most of all, people with lower gear are PEOPLE before being casuals, raiders, nubs, scrubs, pros and so on, and nobody should ever forget that.

UPDATES: Final list of raid members below, as well as a very important Ad.
EDIT #4: As you people can see in the main post, we already have enough participants signed in and confirmed for the run. As such, I declare this raid enrollment closed for now. We might even have to turn people down for the reasons stated below: having achievement already / having too good gear.
For those of you who didn't make it: there will be another raid sometime soon(TM) (Copyright Blizzard for the expression :D ). However, I cannot say when this soon(TM) will be, as I need to know my schedule for next week.

Advertising /// READ THIS IF YOU MISSED THIS RAID AND STILL WANT TO TAKE PART IN ONE: There is a similar raid being planned as we speak, and requiring members. You can find it by checking this link: . Kudos to Sasiki of <Chapati Allstars> from Draenor ///

Recently I have read a whole lot of threads about people being unable to join Flex raids because of what they called "ridiculous demands from raid leaders, such as Ahead of the Curve FoS or 550 item level". Despite the fact I believe everyone is entitled to set any requirement they desire for the raid they create, I do feel for the more shy forumers in that they have difficulties creating their own raid and it sucks not being able to join one. As such, I have decided to make an experiment, in which you fellow forumers are invited to participate if you want.
The experiment is this: we will make a flexible run that will have low item level requirements, and that will be comprised of unexperienced players. I will be leading the raid, since it is reasonable to assume that at least someone in the group will be required to know what we need to do beforehand. A number of rules will apply for our raid:
If we have enough interested people posting in the thread, we will decide upon a raid time acceptable for everyone (for example, next Saturday starting at 15:00 CET), and I will share my btag in the thread.

1) For obvious reasons, only horde applicants will be considered.
2) There will be a minimum item level requirement set at 520. Hopefully, this item level requirement is to be considered reasonable enough for our endeavor.
3) People without any relevant achievement will be prioritized ahead of those with achievement. Should we not have enough players without achievement, FoS or whatever else, we will take from the latter category.
4) I will attempt to take players of a more-or-less balanced class setup.
5) After fulfillment of all other criteria, players will be taken in the raid on a "first come, first served" basis.
6) People will be required to install a voice communication - Ventrilo - and I shell provide a Ventrilo server we can use. However, since I understand some people are shy to speak using voice com, this will not be required. Only listening will suffice.
7) Explaining will be done using the English language. Therefor, basic understanding of English is a requirement.
8) People that will fail repeatedly on the same thing over and over will be kicked eventually. However, a fair number of failure will be entirely tolerated, and blame will not be thrown around.
9) People with toxic behavior will be ejected from the raid ASAP. Toxic behavior will mean harassing any other raid member, afk'ing, or any other thing that will disturb the wellbeing of the rest of the raid. Explaining nicely to another player where s/he failed is OK, being rude about it is not.
...and my personal favorite: 10) Players participating in this raid are not allowed to make any "I can't get into flex raids" threads for 2 weeks after participation. :)

So... shoot, let me know if you're interested in this, forum readers.

As I have posted in a reply in the thread:
1) Friday starting 18:00 CET.
2) Saturday starting 15:00 or 16:00 CET (pretty much any time in afternoon).
3) Sunday starting 15:00 CET (I really can't later on, because we have a guild raid on Sunday at 18:00 which I must attend, thus it seems to be the worst of the 3 options for me personally).

As for you puny alliances, thank you all for your support, but don't think that means we, THE MIGHTY HORDE, trust you or anything like that!

PS: I would ask for everyone participating in the raid to enchant/gem/reforge gear until raid time, to craft/purchase 4 flasks and around 40 potions of the relevant types for their roles. Don't bother with food buff, I will bring some feasts for the raid (unfortunately I can't make the 300 mainstat food, so we need to settle for the 275 one).

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#113 - 2014/01/08 04:13:00 PM
Blue tagging this for visibility. Wonderful idea, I wish you all the very best of luck, hope it's lots of fun! :D