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#1 - 2014/01/03 12:50:00 AM
Does it seem like rare drops for burdens are nerfed into the ground? Seemed after I took about a month off I came back- really really low.

IF there was another recent intentional nerf- revert it please. There is no reason content should be gated to this extent. Diablo 2/3 style repeating content levels is kinda overkill in the games current state.
At this point I have do SoO LFR repeatedly to gear up, then flex, then normal, then finally heroic.

At least with burdens a player can lessen one level of raiding (LFR) to some extent. Not eliminate, but lessen.

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#22 - 2014/01/03 02:33:00 AM
We haven't adjusted the Burden of Eternity drop rate recently, no.