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#1 - 2013/12/19 06:49:00 PM
So I came up with these in another thread, ideas for new specs for existing classes, decided to post em here. I realize this would be a balancing nightmare, but adding a fourth spec could help 'shake things up' a bit, and make the game richer, and more interesting.

wall of text incoming, scroll down for tl;dr

Desecration (Necromancy?) Death Knight - intellect plate ranged caster dps

I'm picturing a focus on raising the dead, and attacking with an army of pets, keeping them nice and buff, managing their abilities. This could be a class with a very high skill cap, and the potential dps to match.

could also have a limited healing capacity?


Purification Paladin - int plate, ranged caster dps


Brutality Warrior - agi-based mail-wearing melee tank, would have to be markedly different from prot, i'm picturing a dual-wielding, light-on-his-feet (hence the mail agi gear) tank with an emphasis on avoiding damage (dodge and parry).

In turn, Prot could be more of a wall of iron, active mitigation in the form of taking the hits, but reducing the damage.

Spell Breaker Mage - int-based melee tank, focus on debuffs, deflecting spells and attacks, avoidance.

Savagery Hunter - agi-based melee dps, can be dual-wield or 2 hander in the way frost dk's are now, different stat and spell priority.

Guardian Druid - lol

Puppetmaster/Tinkerer Rogue - int-based tank, uses a pet to tank, focuses on healing it's puppet tank, and enhancing it's abilities, adding armor plating during combat, that sort of thing.

Perhaps the pet could have a timed duration, and would require the rogue to build a new one, leaving him somewhat vulnerable for a short time (could be mitigated by a tank swap, or a defensive cooldown)

Tempest Shaman - agi or int-based melee (ranged?) tank. a ranged tank could be interesting, again, would require someone smarter than me to think of how it could work.

Demon Hunter Monk - agi-based caster/melee hybrid. I'm picturing a drastic stylistic difference from the other monk specs. Monks are all about harmony, but what hope is there for harmony while the Legion is posed to snuff out all life on Azeroth?

Demon Hunter Monks could be to the other 3 monk specs what shadow priests are to the other 2 priest specs.

Subjugation Warlock - int-based melee tank. i'm picturing abilities derived from Legion overseers, active mitigation abilities could consist of demoralizing the target, breaking it's will, reducing damage towards the warlock.

Alternatively, this could be a pet tank class, focusing on whipping his demons into a frenzy, perhaps even to the death, where it would be replaced by a different pet, during which the warlock becomes the target of the boss (so like, it's big active mitigation results in the death of the pet, followed by a period of vulnerability while the lock summons another demon, and takes some time to build it up, somehow.)

this period of vulnerability could be mitigated by a tank swap in raids, while a simple defensive cooldown would suffice in 5 mans, or when solo tanking.

Priest - I ran out of ideas here. I would like to see blizz try to do what they intended to do with monks, a melee class with no auto attack, but I'm not sure how that could work.


TL;DR: roles of new specs.

warrior - melee tank
mage - melee tank
dk - caster dps
paladin - caster dps
shaman - caster tank
hunter - melee dps
druid - lol
rogue - caster/pet tank
warlock - caster/pet tank
monk - melee/caster hybrid
priest - melee/caster hybrid?

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#17 - 2013/12/19 11:29:00 PM
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