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#1 - 2013/12/18 05:22:00 PM
Why is it so easy to obtain such an epic item?? I mean all I had to do according to these forums was AFK in LFR and a few weeks later I would have this awesome legendary item..

All I had to do was do these simple quests..

1. Stranger in a strange land...This is a simple quest that only requires that you travel to the Veiled Stair, to meet Wrathion..
2. A legend in the making..This quest requires that you share a drink with Wrathion. Wrathion goes into a protracted speech about the past and future of Azeroth, finally enlisting your help.
3. The Strength of ones foes..requires that you collect 20 Sigils from bosses in Mogu'shan Vaults, the Heart of Fear, and the Terrace of Endless Spring
This only took me 4 weeks..
3 stoneguard kills
3 Feng kills
3 Spiritbender kills
4 spirit king kills
4 elegon kills
4 emperor kills
3 zorlock kills
3 bladelord kills
3 galaron kills
3 windlord kills
3 amber shaper kills
3grand empress kills

And bam I had my 20 sigils...

4.Trial of the black prince... This was easy.. obtain Honored with the black prince. I spent 3-4 hours killing mobs at 30-40 rep each and bam I was honored.

5.Fear iteself... Easy I had to kill the Sha

But you can't just que for him. I had to do all the bosses in TES so..
Protecters of the endless kill 1
Tsulong kill 1
Lei shi kill 1
Sha of fear 1
Easy.. but I had to wait a week because I had already killed them all that week.

6. Breath of the black prince... Simply talk to Wrathion.
7. Incoming... meet my fleet? Where is my fleet? this took me an hour... I searched the web and finally found that the person I needed to talk to. So I flew down to karason wilds and met them..
8. The measure of a leader.. fly back to wrathion and speak with him..
9. The Prince's Pursuit... more faction grinding... back to farming mobs..3-4 hours and I was revered.
10. A test of valor.. This required 3000 valor points... I alreeady had 240 valor earned for the week..
4 weeks of valor farming... not hard to valor cap takes a few hours of questing, lfr,scenarios, and random dungeons. Then you wait for 7 days and do it again..then 7 days and do it again..then 7 days and finally complete this quest..

11. Glory to the horde..Win a BG took me 3 try's, win another BG took me 1 try.
12. A change of command... I tried to solo this.. and died. You have to kill a fairly strong mini boss.. lucky for me after I died a few times I found a few other's who needed it and we killed him easy.
13.The soul of the horde.. crappy reward only used on outdated weapons..
14.I need a champion... Oh boy time to get exalted... 3-4 hours of solo grinding mobs
15. Secrets of the first empire....oh god..
This only took me 5 weeks....Yes I said FIVE weeks. you are guranteed 2 each week (IF you kill the bosses) and for several weeks I only got the 2. sooo..
5 Jinrok Kills
5 horridon kills
5 council kills
5 tortos kills
5 magera kills
5 jin kun kills
5 durumu kills
5 primordious kills
5 dark animus kills
5 iron quon kills
5 twin consorts kills
5 lei shen kills
5 imersus kills
5 fallen protectors kills
5 norushen kills
5 sha of pride kills
5 Galakras kills
5 iron jugg kills
5 dark shaman kills
5 nazgrim kills
Wow.... that was a lot. but after weeks of "leading" "not "AFK" LFR to make sure we won.. I finished it.
9. The thunder forge... I went to speak with wrathion but he wasn't there. I needed to complete all the TOT solo scenarios first. So even though these are not in the legendary quest line.. they are REQUIRED to continue. They took a few hours... then I finally found Wrathion and did the thunderforge.. it was not easy. I deied about 6 times before I completed it. But it was fun and nice to see a challenge.
10. Spirit of the stormlord... Kill Nalak.. well there was a group forming right as I was handed the quest... easy completion. Others in my guild got stuck here for hours.
11. the crown of heaven... great reward. to bad I only had an LFR helm but hey I used it.
12. Echoes of the titans... OMG please not again... anything but this... titan runestones... they never drop. 2 guranteed.
OKay this is where I am now.... I have 11 stones. they took.... Well it's been 3 weeks and I have killed
3 durumu kills
3 primordious kills
3 dark animus kills
3 iron quon kills
3 twin consorts kills
3 lei shen kills
3 imersus kills
3 fallen protectors kills
3 norushen kills
3 sha of pride kills
3 Galakras kills
3 iron jugg kills
3 dark shaman kills
3 nazgrim kills

And I still require 1 more stone.

The point of this thread is to state.... this is by far the most complcated time consuming Legendary ever in this game. And to those who say it is a welfare legendary... they are mad because anyone can get it, and you don't have to be in a hard core raiding guild to complete it.

If you read all of this.... Thank you.

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#16 - 2013/12/18 05:50:00 PM
12/18/2013 09:22 AMPosted by Arturioux
The point of this thread is to state.... this is by far the most complcated time consuming Legendary ever in this game.

Hah, well thanks for laying it out visually. I think we like how it worked out in essence, ultimately having something for even the LFR player to work toward over a long period of time is a great goal to have for people. Definitely a lot of lessons learned on how we can make steps feel less grindy, and maybe make the experience more cohesive. But having that kind of Legendary doesn't necessarily preclude us from also having a Legendary that's maybe class specific and more of a personal challenge like Fangs, or something like the Warlock green fire quest. We don't think it necessarily has to be one or the other.