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#1 - 2013/12/08 09:37:00 PM
Seriously why not?
I have already created a description!

Deep beneath the snowcapped domes
Of Dun Morogh, the dwarven homes
'neath frozen hill and deeper still
in chambers built by long-lost gnomes

In cellar vaults of Gnomeregan
Before that city's life began
Was stowed away until this day
where no mechano-sensors scan

Bit by radioactive fogs
A thousand pistons, million cogs
Titan-coded, uncorroded
Mentioned in no tinker's logs

They'd fear it if they knew the lore
The spark that crackles through its core
A sudden error makes for terror
Circuits sleeping, but no more

For now it wakes, and its robotic
mind, corrupted, turns chaotic
Touched by unknown darkling curse
Beware, it stirs! It creaks and whirs!
It's core aflame, its gyro hums
The Cog Eater comes...
The Cog Eater comes!

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#131 - 2013/12/18 02:57:00 PM
17/12/2013 21:39Posted by Arianne
They forced us to decorate their gardens.
We rebelled.

Thanks for the link! Long time since I've seen that one, love it!
This thread has a mix of fun and some real suggestions that many players would probably enjoy. We’ll pass those along as ideas for future expansions.

Gnomes vs Goblins anyone? ;) That could lead to some funny subtitles. Feel free to share some of your ideas!