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#1 - 2013/12/13 06:46:00 PM
I've played WoW for about 5 years. I love fantasy games and RPGs and have played quite a few MMOs. So, I decided to go with a Male, Blood Elf Hunter as an alt.

BTW, before we continue I'd like to point out that I am a 25 year old Sous Chef at an upscale Hotel, not 10 like everyone seems to think because...Im a Blood Elf...

Elves seemed cool. I mean whats not to like about an Elf with a badass pet and a bow? And no, I'm not trying to emulate Legolas. Haldir is cool, though.

So, why all the hate in game? You would be shocked at the things I am called in game by other players. Before a BG the other day the group turns on me like a pack of wild dogs saying some pretty messed up things that infer that I have sexual relations with men. Also, my guild thought I was 11 years old because I am a BE Hunter...I mean really, lol? When I spoke on vent they were floored because my voice is super deep.

What's the problem with Blood Elf Males, leave it alone people. It's really creepy because this is just a video game.

I've been kicked from dunegons, abused, and made fun of because of this. And no this isn't a troll. If someone wants me to post screenshots I can because I have them but I just don't know how to upload..

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#140 - 2013/12/16 08:36:00 AM
Unfortunately this thread has derailed, so we’re locking it at this point. Please continue any constructive discussions in a new thread if necessary.