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#1 - 2013/12/12 08:29:00 PM
xxxx is Full Position in queue: 900+ ETA. 30min


Many server is getting full i cant barely LOGIN when i come home from work. I have to wait avarage 30 minutes. I look up on free migrate and yes! my realm qualifies! but..... wait! omg! no! only horde can migrate away for free from my server!

All my friends are playing with me have the same issue and are all annoyed. And all thinking of leaving.

This ticket is final option for you blizzard

Give Low Populated sides on HIGH populated servers a change to migrate to other realms. Its not fair the LOW populated side of a HIGH populed server gets punshed for beeing really long in queue. The HIGH populated side of a HIGH populated side should [email protected]#$ up and stop whining cuz they can migrate for free to other realm.

So.. give us free transffer to other realm or lose many subs on ally ragnaros.

Or reserve realmslots for LOW populated sides of high populated realms.

i just say BYE already cuz i know you not going to give me anything :D blizzard dont give a [email protected]#$.

ps. why im not paying for my own transsfer? Well.. i dont want to promote a decisions by blizzard that is breaking the game.

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#15 - 2013/12/12 09:21:00 PM
We've opened transfers for Horde to a new server and we have high hopes that the queues will improve. If not, we will try other things, but I can assure you we're trying to help.

There's a thread on the Ragnaros realm forums where you can discuss this further: