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#1 - 2013/12/12 07:33:00 PM
Ok, I admit. Rolling a new character on TN was 'A Big Mistake'. I knew there'd be the usual problems with high pop servers but nothing like this. My bad. I'd like to leave.

My only problem is the only option open to me through the FCM is Frostmane. Another high pop server, completely dominated by Alliance. So, not only will I experience the same queues, my 85+ experience is going to pretty much suck.

Comparable realms like Kazaak and Ragnaros can move to Tarren Mill, a reasonably populated, no queue, but Horde dominated realm.

Please give us more options to move or stick on a 50% Xmas special to character transfers.

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#8 - 2013/12/12 08:54:00 PM
Alliance players on Twisting Nether can now move away from the server, and we suspect this will help a lot with the queues there. However, we're watching how it develops and will adjust accordingly if it doesn't help.

Locking this, as there's already a thread in the Twisting Nether forums:

12/12/2013 20:44Posted by Islaana
It just proves that they are listening to the community, there were alot of complaints about the FCM target realms being dead (at least on kazzak forum) - so they tried something different this week.

Hopefully it won't be attracting too many players. I don't want to sit in queues because of FCM.

Agreed, that wouldn't be a satisfactory result, so we're being cautious and monitoring the situation carefully.