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#1 - 2013/12/11 07:57:00 AM
How about making it a little more easier to find? I've been playing this game for a good few years now and I didn't even realise there was one prior to this new patch. Yet you have the new WoW store in-game icon extremely visible in front of our eyes. I had to spend a good 5minutes even looking for the new raid browser system.

A lot of players don't even look up the patch notes and just want to get straight into playing the game and probably wont know it even exists. Blizzard really need to sort out their priorities; if I wanted to buy something from the Blizzard store I'd go to the website, this is a gameplay mechanic that should be more accessible than an in game store.

Apologies if I'm coming off as angry, but it really winds me up that a monthly subscription game has something like this baked into the game when they already had a website for it. If you're going to stick something like that in front of my eyes at least make the raid browser similar.

I am grateful that Blizzard are trying to implement stuff that makes it easier to find groups for stuff, but this could of been implemented a lot better than it was. Fingers crossed the other feature that's coming in 6.0 isn't so hard to find, and please remove that Blizzard store menu from the bottom of my screen, it doesn't belong there.

I also noticed when I went to make a GM ticket to sort out a name change that went wrong the WoW store actually replaced the help button! Seriously?

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#56 - 2013/12/11 04:14:00 PM
I’ve said this before, so obviously I’ll admit that personally, I’d love to see this button get more visibility, and will definitely convey all your feedback about this to the devs. Cheers for caring so much about the game!

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#82 - 2013/12/12 09:26:00 AM
Ho ho ho!
Here’s some fresh jolly good news!

The new Group Finder tool in WoD (6.0) will completely replace the Raid Browser, and you will also be able to find it in a much more noticeable location.

We’re focusing our efforts in polishing the Group Finder in order to make it as good as it can be, maximizing its potential from the very start.
This is something we’ve learnt from the past, if the tool isn’t good enough from the very start or it’s not very accessible, it might lose its momentum, and once that happens it’s very hard to “jumpstart” it again.
It’s a tool that depends on player numbers for its own success, we want you to see other players using it every time you go there, and the risk is if you don’t, you might never go there again, and eventually that behaviour tends to spread out.
We also don’t have any plans to change the current Raid Browser until it gets replaced by the new tool.

The Group Finder will be a big improvement both in terms of functionality and visibility; we definitely want players to know where to find the tool in very intuitive manner, and hopefully trade chat spam will become a thing of the past. (at least in it comes to forming groups…)