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#1 - 2013/12/03 04:33:00 PM
im starting !

shield wall=for the duration wariors deals 50% less dmg
ib fortitude=for duration dk deals 50% less dmg(simple hunters and mages while ib,deterr cannot attack....)
defensive stance,blood presence= 10/25% dmg reduce as it is now and also reduce dmg by 10/25% if dk,riors want to not take much dmg and die , then they should do less dmg ...

any defensive cd's should not be used with dps cd's and trinket pops...( dk uses ibf,lichborne and dps cds and becomes imunne to stun,fear,mindcontrol,sleep.... uncontrolable brust same as roflstorm and rogues cloack+brust cd;s)

cloack of shadows should become unaviable to use while shadow blades and vandetta is used.

spell reflect bring back 1h and shield macro if wariors want to reflect they should do less dmg not just using it while brusting to prevent begin cced..

about amount of cc ingame everybody knows about it , it needs to be fix mainly broken druids and paladins.

brusting issue => proc and usable pvp trink stats reduce to half, vandeta,avatar any other dps increase abilites nerf to half ( if 30% = 15%)

spells that should be removed=Typhonn,paralythic poison,paladins fear,mass spell reflect,(priest,druid disorient),distrubting shout,dk's ranged stun or atleast make it melee range..and more but dont no right now ;s

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#27 - 2013/12/04 09:47:00 AM
Please don't post in caps.