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#1 - 2013/12/01 01:04:00 AM
On Monday November 25, Winterhoof was merged with Kilrogg. Since this has occured trade has been full of Kilrogg players bashing and at length treating the players of Winterhoof as second class citizens.

Players of Winterhoof try to sell, trade or buy items in trade channel almost immediately get insulted and bashed. Winterhoof guilds can not recruit in trade without same results.

It has gotten so bad that some of the players I know that are generally helpful and nice have begun dishing out blistering triades to Kilrogg people.

It has also come to attention to few Winterhoof players that when they are invited to a raid hosted by players of Kilrogg they are not entitled to any loot and heaven forbid you join a dungeon group with them and hit need on any gear.

There have been several Kilrogg players and this is a direct quote, 'Kilrogg is an original server and you people from Winterhoof are just riding our coattails to get your raids done. Winterhoof is a good for nothing server and at best full of losers and noobs that can barely turn on their computers much less play WoW."

With this kind of abuse that has been occuring on a daily basis between Killrogg and Witnerhoof, as you can guess interactions and just general social kindness is at an all time low.

Many of us have reported the foul language and spamming when it was apporiate and now for the most part the cussing and racial/sexual slurs have stopped. But the outright abuse is still ongoing and unfornately that is not enough reason to report such behavior cause jerks are allowed to be jerks.

How are the people of Winterhoof suppose to progress and enjoy the game when it appears people of Kilrogg will go out of their way to grief us (while questing and doing dailies) to out right shouting insults in trade and general chat.

Winterhoof was a very friendly, family oriented server and since Monday there have been many people asking those in trade to keep it clean because our kids do play.

I was under the impression server merges was suppose to enhance game play for the servers, but from my standpoint that has not occured in any way shape or form.

From a Winterhoof player, I am asking someone to look into this issue and maybe consider removing this merger from our server.

While I understand there are some Winterhoof players might not have issues., but if anyone from Customer Servers, to gms. to developers take 5 minutes and watch trade chat and general and see how far down the cesspool Witnerhoof has traveled on the last few days.

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#39 - 2013/12/03 02:45:00 AM
This thread was originally on General Discussion before it was redirected.

It was likely because the category of harassment generally falls under Customer Support. The best we can do is encourage folks to report inappropriate language and subject matter with the right click report option. Report for: Language.

Treat them the same as you would any troll. IGNORE THEM. They thrive on the attention. Don't give it to them.

Agreed. I'm sorry that not everyone seems to be embracing the change but it is unlikely to be undone. Please report folks who you believe to be violating our policies. It can seem overwhelming at first, but if you start with the most egregious offenders it will usually get better. Once the primary offenders are addressed it helps to curb the behavior of the others.


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