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#1 - 2013/12/02 07:50:00 PM

It's an outdated feature which is complete & utter crap. it needs to be removed, it just has literally no purpose in the game anymore. In fact it never did in the first place.

Also with WoD on the way out and no flying until 6.1 (which I support btw), The daze effect is going to cause absolute chaos.

Please remove this utter garbage feature.



A certain DK in this thread gave me the idea that, instead of removing the daze feature, it should be changed.

Make it so that any mob 3 or more levels lower than you, CANNOT daze you.

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#31 - 2013/12/02 08:53:00 PM
Oh man! Remember when it was based on Defense so tanks could essentially run anywhere and never get dazed but us cloth wearers would be in dazed-city? Crazy. Although they had to pay more repairs back then too. XD

Don't hear too much about it these days though, kind of a fun discussion to have again! In-general the world should be dangerous, and when you can ride through it unaffected, or have guaranteed escapes, it loses some of that danger. It's a lot of the same reasoning for non-flying in new content. Sure, you can still escape many situations, and there are still some get-out-of-jail-free cards, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to remove all of the situations which cause you to be cautious, plan travel routes, and have to play your character in this Roleplaying Game. We think the daze mechanic still serves its useful purpose.

[ed] Lore correctly reminds me it was Defense skill not Armor.