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#1 - 2013/11/27 06:35:00 PM
READ: This is a thread about favorite Ghostcrawler Memories. There is already a post that you can leave your complaints about him on. Please post constructively.

If you haven't heard, Ghostcrawler is leaivng Blizzard. Whatever opinion you have on him, just remember that he dealt with a LOT of crap on the forums, and communicated more constructively and calmly than anyone before. What is everyone's favorite memories of Mr. Greg Street?

I, for one, will miss him immensely. He has been the bridge between Blizzard and us fans for so long now, and he did an amazing job at it.

I have always been very impressed with how he deals with trolls and angry players. He also was never afraid to admit when he (and Blizzard) was wrong in various places. The WoW community, the vocal forum goers at least, has always been very loud and opinionated, and he very rarely (I've never seen it and I follow all his stuff) would make a snarky comment, and always gave a lot of thought to everything that was said to him, even if it was coming from an angry hunter or mage from an imagined nerf.

So thank you, Greg, you have helped build a much stronger game and have set the standard for communication between fans and developers. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Here's hoping the next guy can match Ghostcrawlers awesomeness.

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#50 - 2013/11/27 08:21:00 PM
Please direct your comments to the thread that Ghostcrawler just created: