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#1 - 2013/11/09 05:22:00 PM
There's definitely something weird going on with the AH data exports frequency.. here's Emerald Dream as an example:

Was: 60 minutes between updates, +/- 5 seconds.
Nov 1, 20:00 UTC: changed to 46 minutes per update +/- 3 seconds.
Nov 5, 23:30 UTC: changed to 35 minutes per update, +/- 3 seconds.
Nov 7, 01:38 UTC: changed to 111 minutes per update, +/- 0 seconds.

It has been updated once every 111 minutes since then.

I see similar patterns on most, if not all, other US realms. What's up? While the more frequent updates were nice, I think going back to once every 60 minutes would be satisfactory.

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#4 - 2013/11/26 11:48:00 PM
The update times are based on the server that is getting AH snapshots and saving them. We can look into why they have slowed down in the past, but it was not meant to always be a robotic 60 minute increment.

The Tortheldrin problem is a bug. I'm having the game team correct our DB now. Thanks :)