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#1 - 2013/11/26 10:45:00 PM
The problem was resolved even before a GM answered my ticket thanks to some forum people, but I couldn't figure out how to close out the ticket after messing with it for a few moments and then I forgot to try to figure out how to close it out later. Anyway, I get a response almost 2 days later and the response from the GM isn't even a logical one for the problem I had sent to them. This isn't the first response I have received that has been like this either over the years. I will post what I said in my ticket below and their response:

"I just defeated the final boss for the Warlock's Green Fire quest. I turned the quest into the Undead Warlock that was standing there at the end after their roleplaying stuff. Now, there is no other quest and I did not receive any green fire. I refuse to have to have beat that guy again. It was unreal the first kill."


This is Game Master *****. Thank you for contacting the Blizzard Entertainment Support Department.

I received your ticket about not recieving any green fire after completing the quest line for the warlock. So there isn't an item that you get from completing the quest, but instead all of your spells turn green. So instead of looking like fire, they are green flames. :)

If you have any further questions or concerns about this issue, please select "I still have a problem" to provide us additional information. Thank you very much for contacting us - we hope you continue to enjoy your experiences with Blizzard Entertainment!"

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#32 - 2013/11/26 11:37:00 PM
At any rate, I'd open another ticket and make sure they understand the last GM misread it.

O.o To what end? If the issue is resolved there would be no reason to contact a different Game Master to inform them that the first one may have misunderstood. Please do not submit a new ticket unless you still require assistance. :)

Misunderstandings happen from time to time. Misreading or interpreting a sentence a specific way can alter the entire response you may receive. While obviously we would like nothing more than to give responses that are 100% accurate and not subject to interpretation after the fact, that simply isn't always possible.

Still, we try to learn from our mistakes and that is why we have the survey system in.

Victimize, if you wish to provide feedback regarding the response you received please fill out the survey that should be available once you have marked your ticket has resolved.

That would be the most appropriate and productive means available.

I'm glad to hear that you were able to get the issue resolved through advice given by your fellow players. Good luck.


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