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#1 - 2013/11/25 08:37:00 PM
I saw a rogue getting ganked then he shot up like 500 ft in the air straight up like when rocket belt backfires, he grew some golden wings, and could float and fly or whatever, he was in combat so it wasn't a mount. He had a golden wing buff that lasted maybe 30-60 seconds.

any ideas?

EDIT* here it is exaclty, thanks for the replies.

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#16 - 2013/11/26 01:44:00 AM
Yeah, sorry I wasn't more specific cuz I didn't know if your level 2 was being a troll. That shrine can be used once a day (maybe - I use it once a week to get to the treasure chest by the kitty cave) to grab treasure chests in the sky or fly around elsewhere. Not sure if you can reach Ordos or Garnia - the fall speed and angle may be wrong.

Pretty fun ride.

You can use the Gleaming Crane Statue once a week that'll rocket you into the sky where there are a bunch of floating treasure chests on platforms. The idea is to maneuver your character that's slowly gliding down onto as many of the platforms as you can before the timer runs out.