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#1 - 2013/11/25 07:17:00 PM
-I notice comunity fight endless war... so much hatred outhere.
Good portion of people hate current state of game, they hate how game is easy, how game is lost its challange, how evryone got evrything, people hate LFR,people hate badge gear , people hate 5 man instances without CC. I must adimt im one of them , in my eyes WoW almost lose all its splendor.

In other hand there is people who enjoy current state of game.

So dear blizzard i suggest you:
Make special version of server and name it "Classic" or whenever you want ! And allow free migration to people who want to refuge there.

On those "Classic" servers ,old classic WoW rules apply.
-LFR do not exist
-LFD do not exist
-5man heoric instances apply TBC rules and dificulty...CC or wipe.
-Flex or heoric raids not exist : there only normal version of raid but its dificulty equal vanilla/tbc dificulty ,in other word insane hard.
-Flying mounts are disabled in capitals
-Leveling is again learning curve, not content if you wish to level you really must undego a journey.
-When people got epic gear they really feel epic like they in past.

I must say if those "Classic" server exist I will migrate there first day it opens, and I will pay 20 eur moonth subscription if needed. Just to be there,im pretty sure great portion of people will follow.

With classic servers peope who dont love current state of game will have their place, in other hand those who love will still got their paradise.

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#15 - 2013/11/25 07:33:00 PM
As we may have mentioned once or twice in the past...