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#1 - 2013/11/21 02:58:00 AM
It sucks, I've been trying to get rid of this player that bots the auction house for weeks now. This is not the first time I've encountered a bot either, there has been 3 in the past. Only 1 has got banned.

I honestly think Blizzard doesn't even know it's possible for people to bot the auction house. They need to educate their employees. AH bots will go unnoticed for so long because only a few AH players will ever notice them. Just because only a few other players will notice them doesn't make them less bad. They're ruining the last thing I find fun in this game.

It's obvious Blizzard really ignores those reports. So many people have reported the bot and nothing ever happens.

Eventually i'm just going to quit because humans can't compete with robots. You can see this happening IRL too. Machines taking the jobs of people so the company can make more profit.

inb4: "Maybe it's not a bot it's a player" No, it is 100% a bot. So lets not take discussion there. This is not about whether or not it is a bot this is about Blizz not doing their job and ignoring the In-game report feature.

"Maybe he's just using some fancy addon" NO, I use all the best AddOns. AddOns don't make you walk to the Auction house and mail box back and forth like a robot.

I've been playing Auction house for about 8 months now. I know what a player and a bot is.

Do your job before you lose your job! (because eventually you will when enough people quit).

And don't even let me get started on Battleground bots. I did a BG the other day around 2 am and every BG is at least 8/10 bots.

If Blizz was to ever do a mass ban wave like they once did in wotlk we'd be down to like 3-4 mil subscribers, i'm sure of it.

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#20 - 2013/11/21 04:59:00 AM
Please fix your report feature.

It is broken.

No, it is not. It may not work the way others would like it to nor as quickly in some situations, but that doesn't mean it is broken.

This is not about whether or not it is a bot this is about Blizz not doing their job and ignoring the In-game report feature.

No, to be fair, this is about not doing the job that you believe we should be doing in the way you feel we should be doing it. We care a great deal about this game, I hazard to say that we have a greater love and incentive to protect the integrity of the game than most seem to understand. We work to do what we can to address such exploitation.

These types of investigations take time, as we are usually trying verify what they are doing but how they are doing it that allows us to catch more than just the single person that is allegedly botting.

If Blizz was to ever do a mass ban wave like they once did in wotlk we'd be down to like 3-4 mil subscribers, i'm sure of it.

I'm sorry, Rukimi, but we actually do "ban waves" all the time. Those never stopped, we just stopped announcing them. We also do them in smaller batches and on an individual basis, but it depends on the situation. As I mentioned, these investigations often take a great deal of time and we want to make sure that they have as much impact as they can.

The trouble with viewing these types of issues from the outside is that you do not have access to any real factual data, at least outside a very limited capacity. That can greatly impact your perception of what may actually be happening.

The best I can do is assure you that these reporting methods do work, including the /afk report option, and to continue to use them when you are able to. If you choose not to believe me that is your option but our experience/data shows a different story on its effectiveness. Do we get everyone? No. No method is 100%, but we are always working to improve our methods of detection and our investigation processes and will continue to do so.

If you wish to provide feedback regarding this matter it is best to submit your suggestions via the in-game interface. If you wish to report an individual that you believe to be exploiting you can use the Hacks Webform. You may also post feedback so our Developers can review it but I would recommend doing so in a constructive manner (i.e. leave out stuff like "do your job" & "is a joke").

Trust in blizzard, since every bot they leave rampant the more customer they lose and that is something blizzard doesn't want, and are doing their best to control. The problem is bots will always come back, and as of right there hasnt been any mmo that have successfully permanently gotten rid of bots.

Very well said, Worldofpanda.

Blizz added a report feature so a GM answering tickets doesn't have to deal with it. Reason why when you try to report someone via the ticket system it just tells you to report them in-game and gives you FAQ pages and will not let you open a ticket.

I'm sorry but none of that is accurate. The Support Site/ticket system does not allow you to report language, name, spam and cheating violations because a different system was developed to help with those. Reporting a potential violation through the old system was cumbersome, it required you to put their name, their alleged offense and any other pertinent information you could. Much of the time some information was left out that was needed for the investigation which would either require us to ask for more information, cause the investigation to take a lot more time as we had to exponentially expand the search of logs or simply not find any reference at all to what the reporter was referring to.

The right click report feature simply allows an easier more efficient way to report possible violations of our policies that automatically includes relevant information in the report that can be used to aid the investigation. The ease of use encourages more folks to actively use it as it does not cause much interruption in normal game play to do so.


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