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#1 - 2013/11/20 11:46:00 AM
So i have an issue that has been going on for about a monht now. I killed the lich king got the shadowmourne chest and redeemed some of the items i could. But i was not able to redeem arthas' training sword jainas locket and badge of the silver hand because i obtained the corresponding items from ah previously. I contacted a gm and after some time i received an offline response telling me to delete the items i have and then redeem the quests and use item restoration. I was forced to wait since at that time my item restoration was on cd. Recently i tossed the ones i already have and attempted to redeem the items but the npc's were not there. So i opened a ticket again only to receive another offline message after an absurd amount of time telling me to kill arthas again. I killed him again and npcs WERE NOT there. I wrote back but never got an answer and now if a gm does return to me he is going to tell me to kill arthas AGAIN. All the while they could just simply put the items in my bag or spawn the npcs. (I already am entitled to receive the items in terms of game mechanics)

I am starting to suspect that one of these gms have a regular account or a dear friend who has one and i somehow encountered with one of them in game and we had an argument. Maybe that is why i am being forced to keep waiting? I am posting this here on general so i can be sure that this thread is read at least by one other person. (If i put it in customer support im sure it will be ignored or go unnoticed).

I just want help to solve this problem so i can send the ones i receive from quest to an alt and then restore the ones i got beforehand.

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#5 - 2013/11/20 03:31:00 PM
Hello Roxxion,

This is something you'll need to raise with our support team, we're unable to help you with this issue via the forums.

I had quick look though and I can see you have 2 tickets open. Please abandon the most recent one, and keep the other one open. If you need, you can edit your ticket to add more information.

Remember you can check your ticket status from within your account management page:

Last but not least, our support team has been quite busy since BlizzCon and the relaunch of Recruit of Friend, so I apologize in advance for the current wait times:

Thank you for your patience, and best of luck with your issue!

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