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#1 - 2013/11/19 06:38:00 PM
So recently, i bought recruit a friend, i noticed that i'd bought subscription and not a pre-paid game-time which is manual not automated, so i continued to buy the pre-paid game to add onto the account and cancelled the subscription, the GM *NAME WOULD GO HERE* said misleading information that was incorrect, he said that i'd instantly receive the ability to claim my rewards, this is not true because i did exactly has he said instead of subscription and i still didn't have the ability to claim my rewards, i contacted another GM and he said that he gave old information, which means, he/she didn't get the updated information to deal with my ticket...

So guys, just so you know, don't believe everything blizzard says, specially with in-game things

Blizzard, please make sure all employees are doing their correct job and not feeding misleading information to the customers :)

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#17 - 2013/11/19 09:59:00 PM
*checks life support seals of CMC powered armour*


As Shammoz mentioned, there are a few important differences between the old and the new Recruit-a-Friend offers, this delay being amongst them. Rest assured that we did not put it in there to annoy honest players, but because the not-so-honest players and their use of stolen credit cards and other means to abuse this offer represented an ongoing problem we had to tackle. As this is affecting ”only” the free month of gametime and the mount/pet reward, we hope that this is not too much of an inconvenience, seeing as the other bonuses should still trigger immediately.

In an ideal world, our GMs should have of course answered your questions correctly, but like the Draenei lady with the green letters said, to err is human, and in the first days during such a change it can be a bit difficult to disseminate the information in a way that it is truly absorbed by every single employee. We apologise for any inconvenience that may have arisen out of this delay.

This reminds me of a few days ago, when i was having a chat with a GM and he didn't even know that the country i live in, cant recieve mounts or pet as RaF rewards..
He just said "yeah you can get all the benefits" and when i told him that the country i live in doesnt support RaF (only the 3x exp) he just said "Okay"..
Now this might have been an opportunity for an e-mail to [email protected]. Mistakes can happen to anyone, but we do try our best to cultivate an environment where people owe up to their mistakes and learn from them. That’s why we value player feedback. Often,

PFFF you don't know anything....

they are Cyborgs
Assurance: We are not.


~ Tyryndar

PS: I’m going to leave this topic open, but only if y‘all promise me to stop squabbling, kay?

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