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#1 - 2013/11/14 07:16:00 AM
Edit: Is a new post with GOOD feedback on how to make ToTG work from Blizz's perspective without ACTUALLY taking anything away from regular ladders and making ToTG an actual addition to the game. Hopefully Blizz will listen to us.

Trial of the Gladiator:

Will be changing the arena system COMPLETELY

Arenas will be a way to get your WORLD pvp gear (conquest) but the ratings CANNOT get you glad title/2k elite set anymore. Just more conquest to compete on THE 1 island where PvE wont > PvP gear and everywhere else PvE gear > PvP...

Also they are gonna force it to occur (Trial of Gladiator) during peak times only AKA saturday night or friday nights. What about the people who do well in arenas and stick between 2k-2.4k and have a wife and kids and usually spend those "peak times" with their family.

I'm not saying its my case, I'm just stating how this could possibly go wrong. Arenas have been known to be MISSING participants and on top of that you're planning on taking out the gear factor for an arena that only rewards you for the titles and mounts.

I like the gear grind; I love the "instant" weekly reward feeling. I also like to be able to play during lunch time at work or getting back from work just before dinner.

If you haven't noticed those high ranked players like Azael (blizzcon commentator) play around midnight all the way till 3 am HIS TIME to be able to play with ppl fromt the west coast like sodah. So you're saying he couldn't play with them anymore if peak time would go by regions.

If you take their time as "peak time" or you do the opposite you make regular times "peak", you're either getting rid of actually skilled players from being able to compete or cutting out the possibility from normal players to ever get to glad status.

And for all you youngsters who skip school or are a tiny bit sick and stay home, you won't be able to do Trial of The Gladiator because daytime is not a peak time.

Leave arenas as is,

-Concerned PvPer

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#61 - 2013/11/15 02:41:00 AM
I don't know where this idea came from, but just to clear things up, we have no plans to remove the current Arena ladder.