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#1 - 2013/11/14 10:03:00 PM
Reading about next expansion changes I realized that some professions are getting worse.

Jewelcrafting is really worse since cat because we dont have epic gems, now we I'll have less sockets to gem. What means less gems do sell.

Enchant is getting less items too. Blizz said that it's to make enchants feel like bonus not a duty but to good players all bônus are a duty to have it.

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#9 - 2013/11/15 02:19:00 AM
We do want to slim down on the overall number of gems and enchants you'll need to put on your gear. That's primarily a quality of life change. We want to make it less of a hassle to be able to equip a new item.

That said, we don't think these changes have to mean that e.g. Jewelcrafting will no longer be a decent source of income. We could -- and this is purely a hypothetical example -- make the best gems rarer, which would drive prices up and increase profit margins. If you can make just as much gold (comparatively) off of one gem in Warlords as you can selling three in Mists, that'll help substantially.