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#1 - 2013/11/13 10:28:00 PM
Okay, I've struggled to like the "Recruit A Friend" system for years now, and found that it has more loopholes than the Federal tax code. I had a couple friends last year that I lobbied into playing MoP. They hadn't played in over two years. I personally took them on realm tours, showed the raids, the new UI, etc., and got both of them to sign back up.

What did I get? NOTHING.

Why? Because they used the "play for free" system first. The system that took no money, and did nothing to close the deal.

And what would Blizzard have lost as a result of compensating me? A digital bit on a hard drive saying I have access to a mount. Wow, big sacrifice...great there are so many loopholes to shelling out rewards.

Until the recruiting system is a simple policy of "Refer a friend with your account code, and get them to start paying $15 a month from either a new account or an account that's been dead for x-amount of months." I'm not helping.

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#2 - 2013/11/13 10:47:00 PM
The system is pretty straight forward.

Your referred friend upgrades to a full account, with the first paid month you get a month of gametime.

At the second paid month you earn the ability to claim one of the eight new pets/mounts.

Note: There is a 7 day delay after a reward is qualified now, but otherwise that system is pretty much the same.

Also, even if your friend recently established an account (very recently, within a month), you can now RAF them.