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#1 - 2013/11/13 08:43:00 AM
I keep reading about all the realm's being merged but we on lightning's blade server have been begging for year's for help .
In the morning we have about 4 people online thats not just the guild i mean the whole ally side and on a good nite about 26 (whole ally side )
So my point is why are all these other server's being done first because i can't seem to believe any server is as bad as this one .
All im asking is for blizz to maybe update a rough time line not on the day but roughly .
I read that lightning's blade is on the 3rd batch but now nothing ?.
I maybe missing a blog somewhere if so please link it. It just would be nice if blizz could update a little faster(i know you guy's are very busy atm with W.O.D but if that's a next year expansion why not make your player's even more happy by giving us player's to do more with while we wait .. thank you :).p.s sorry for any type error i'm doing this quick cause i'm at work :).

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#5 - 2013/11/13 02:53:00 PM
There are many factors we take into account when figuring our which realms to connect in which order, and we're currently progressing as planned. All low population realms will be connected, we just have to go about it at a careful and steady pace, so hang on in there! :)

As Danellos said, you can find updates on European Connected Realms in the thread he linked:

If you wish to see any updates on connected realms, use this thread:

(Sticky) Connected Realms (Updated 13/11)

So no, it is not only for US servers. Just be patient.