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#1 - 2013/11/11 06:54:00 AM

as seen in the topic above I'd like to speak a bit about the new orcish male models and the only issue I have with it: the posture.

A couple of years ago I actually wrote a pretty big post about this and had a whole plethora of links with pictures backing up why they should be depicted as standing up straight in-game, but I'll try to keep it short this time, so as not to burden the potential readers :). I'm sure we can all find the needed artwork by a simple click in papa-google.

So. The posture, the slouch.

First of all I'd like to say that the new models look absolutely amazing. In the WoW engine they really just feel as coming to life! (the dwarves and their beards... whoa, here's hoping for Dark iron / Wildhammer skins with those animations!) As a long-time supporter of updating character models in general and a proponent of adding as much more individuality and customization to player characters as possible I just want to say thank you to you guys at Blizzard: it's a pleasure to see your hard work.

But... I really feel like the in-game model is just not on par with what the orcs really are in the Warcraft universe and I would just like to note that they are my favorite race by far, since I've been playing them since Warcraft 2. I always loved how they were depicted: barbaric, savage (did I hear Dave Kosak in here?), yet... noble, bearing themselves with pride and dignity: the Blademaster comes to mind from WC3, now that was some serious posture :).

Even the artwork of the upcoming Warlords of Draenor; look at that assembly of orcs: Durotan and Hellscream especially. Predominantly, they all stand straight, proud, even the in-game trailer at the end shows these orcs stand in the iconic poses - up straight. That's orc concept art as it is today! The only orc in that group with a "proper" in-game slouch is Gul'dan... and let's admit, he's not the most popular orc by far in the franchise.

I'd also like to say that I understand where the developers are coming from. They said continuously that they want to keep things familiar, to keep players happy by preserving the feel of the original character models that we've been playing for all this time, but in all honesty, I get the feeling that if that wasn't an issue, if Blizzard had to do the game from scratch and weren't burdened by what they perceive as player expectations, they'd themselves go with the un-slouched version of an orc male. Thrall's updated model in Cataclysm for example: and God was I happy when I saw it, it genuinely gave me hope that one day my orcish brothers would follow his example and finally visit a chiropractic. I think the people at Blizzard themselves realized at that moment that they wanted to make him look cool. I want to look cool as well, as that is what I perceive as "cool". :)

Their continuously updating art-work supports this non-stop: the games, the books etc. They stand staright. Their idea for what an orc is to his core is unchanging and I am completely in alignment with this artistic vision. The posture just makes all the difference.

I am in no way speaking for everybody here, I know there are people who like the current model type, a lot got used to it. I'm just speaking for myself. But hey, I'm a part of the community, right? So I'd like to make myself be heard and tell Blizzard that not everyone is so attached to this model, to the slouch; that some of us want it gone and be like Thrall. Standing tall and proud, like heroes. Like Blizzard themselves envisioned them. To me the Orcs of Warcraft always represented the vision of the best fantasy orc possible. So please, keep true to your vision Blizzard. Be bold, be brave, don't let an in-game straight-jacket policy keep you down. Evolve, change, be better.

That's my opinion, but hey. Maybe I'm not alone in this and there are orc brothers who think as I do, eh?

Because at the end of the day, you know, I am a sad orc when I see a gnome standing with more dignity than I do.

One love brothers and sisters of the Horde / To the alliance: a nod of respect.

P.S. Ancestors, I would also LOVE a Vrykul-like beard with braids and moustache for my orc. I have no words for how awesome that is in my mind's eye.

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Thanks for your thoughts! In the interest of keeping all feedback on this subject together in one place, I'd ask you to continue your discussion in the existing thread found here: