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#1 - 2013/11/12 10:47:00 AM

I'm currently situated at the Kazzak server - full server basically.

Everytime I want to play (which is during the night) I need to wait 1+ hour to get in... sucks pretty much!

Then I want to transfer off the server - not in a guild right now so it would be fine for someone as me to move to give room for those who have guilds and other ties to the server. However the FCM for Kazzak is currently Auchindoun or The Maelstrom where I've been trying to find a guild for 2-3 weeks... no luck since both servers are dead on horde side... dead as in DEAD, empty, non-existent.

I've tried to contact support to investigate if I could be moved to another server with lower population however a not dead server. I got friends on Sunstrider so this would be a natural place. It was a no go... neither was a discount, since I want to move 3 characters (total of 60€ - A LOT of money imo). Not a possibility as well.

I am baffled that it is so rigid from your end... basically I'm screwed since I either need to:

- wait 1+ hour every night to play
- transfer to a dead server
- pay INSANE amount of money for something so trivial as moving server

How can it be that you care so little of your customers? Have you grown too big?

I can't understand why the FCM don't allow to transfer to whatever realm I want as long as it is not high populated... I WANT TO PLAY WITH OTHER PEOPLE... not move to a dead server. And 60€ to move 3 characters... the greediness is insane. The function is there, it is automatically in your system - we are talking moving data from one server / hub to another... HOW can that cost 20€ per character.

I'm so close to just cancelling my subscription again... I pay 15€ every month for this kind of service?

Come on Blizzard... wake up and start screwing over your customers for money...

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#14 - 2013/11/12 05:07:00 PM
Just dropping in here to let you know we're aware of this situation, and we're hoping Connected Realms will help with it significantly as we go forward.

Those of us on high population realms enjoy the busy atmosphere, not to mention the people and community we've come to know and love, but having to queue up each night is a pain, for sure. Previously, the Free Character Migration (FCM) offer was unappealing to many of you because we used to offer the move to realms that needed players the most, and that usually meant you'd end up on a realm with very few players at all.

Now, we offer free moves to medium population realms, so this shouldn't be the case any more. However, even medium population realms can sometimes feel a little quiet, especially after being on a very busy realm. But going forward, thanks to the Connected Realms technology, all realms will have ideal population levels. This means that FCMs from high population realms in future will be much more tempting for those of you wanting to move.

We won't be making any big changes to the FCM process while Connected Realms are being implemented, but we'll certainly be monitoring the system as a whole during the process and after everything is in place.