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#1 - 2013/11/06 02:00:00 AM

Here at Blizzard, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! Costumed employees and their families trick or treat through the decorated halls and show off their creations. Below, we feature some of the epic costumed families as they visited this week and along with some of the great employee designed costumes as we all embraced our inner geek.

Skorpion_Thumb.jpg RogerRabbit_Thumb.jpg Panda_Thumb.jpg OrangeMan_Thumb.jpg

MrModernMan_Thumb.jpg Minions_Thumb.jpg Mermaid_Thumb.jpg Malthael2_Thumb.jpg

Maghda_Thumb.jpg MadHatter_Thumb.jpg Link_Thumb.jpg LegoMan_Thumb.jpg

Malthael1_Thumb.jpg Jem_Thumb.jpg Jason_Thumb.jpg InigoMontoya_Thumb.jpg

Family6_Thumb.jpg Family5_Thumb.jpg Family4_Thumb.jpg Family2_Thumb.jpg

 Family1_Thumb.jpg ElvisGhost_Thumb.jpg Edward_Thumb.jpgDuo_Thumb.jpg

 DaphneDuck_Thumb.jpg CastleCrasher_Thumb.jpg Baneling_Thumb.jpg Judges_Thumb.jpg

Bane_Thumb.jpg KhalDrogo_Thumb.jpg

Watch the video below for an epic performance from Blizzard Employee , René Koiter as Khal Drogo!

Did you have any epic Halloween adventures?  Leave a comment below describing them, or send us photos of your costumes and Halloween-themed decorations on Twitter using the #trickortweet hashtag.