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#1 - 2013/11/01 02:22:00 PM
I had a blast. I recently came to decide it's time to re-align my priorities and move on.
To make it official I gave away the small amount of gold I have to random players in true "can I have your stuff style".

I feel like I've seen enough of the game to call it quits and not look back. During The Burning Crusade I raided in a reasonable guild and killed Achimonde and Illidan when it was progression, I have Hand of A'dal title and a Warbear from the original 4 timed chests in Zul Aman.

The truth is now I'm a 2x Challenger who always aspired to more but with no more time to play, plus I have a wife and baby on the way, it really is time to call it.
I've met a lot of people and feel like I've experienced the best and worst of WoW.
To everyone I've played with, thank you for the memories. To Blizzard, thank you for building the platform to make it possible.

I'll always remember the good times with friends more than any class imbalance or patch which buffed or nerfed a class I played. Sometimes I feel as though people forget the reason we keep logging in..

I never was good at the real life / play time balance but I now look to remember the good times and I'm not scared to call it quits like I was for the longest time. This game isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Who knows, there could be time yet for a comeback... but I doubt it.

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#2 - 2013/11/01 02:24:00 PM
The very best to you and your family. It sounds like you have a different adventure awaiting you. We'll leave the light on for you should you find a little time to squeeze in and come play again.