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#1 - 2013/10/31 05:07:00 PM
...and mostly doesn't care. I am hoping that a thread in general discussion will give this issue the exposure (and perhaps resolution) that it deserves, because a small group of paying customers got kind of screwed a week ago and there seems to be almost no effort to fix it.

When the realms Rivendare and Firetree were "connected" last week, any and all pre-existing mail attachments disappeared. The mail is still there in the box, but the attachments were gone. This includes mail from other players, mail from alts, auction house transactions, mail from NPCs. All mail. All attachments are gone.

This affected everyone on at least Rivendare. I don't know if Firetree got hit, too, or not. Now, granted, Rivendare was a dead server and should have been merged years ago, but last I checked we still pay the same monthly fee as everyone else and thus should get some kind of service. GM tickets were filed, bug reports were submitted, forum posts were made in the Customer Support subforum.

In the last week, we have gotten, in roughly chronological order:

6 days ago - A tweet from "BlizzardCS" saying that the issue should be resolved.

6-5 days ago - A stickied blue post by Bashiok himself on the Rivendare subforums. He said the problem was fixed. He was immediately told it was not fixed. The stickied thread is still there and has never been revisited by a blue.

This morning - Another tweet from wonderfully clueless "BlizzardCS" indicating that, as far as they knew, it was fixed on Tuesday's maintenance. He even helpfully shortlinks my CS subforum thread. That very same thread was updated the minute Rivendare spun up after the Tuesday maintenance saying the problem wasn't fixed.

Through all of this, GM response has been abysmal. A handful of people have gotten lucky and had most or all of their missing items restored. Other people have been told by GMs to wait for a developer fix. Some have been blamed by the GMs for "letting their mail expire." At least three people (myself and two guildies I spoke with) had long-unanswered tickets mysteriously vanish and close.

This is my support thread: and in it is a support forum agent named Vrakthris. He appears to be the only person at Blizzard that even gives half a **** about this issue. He's been pretty awesome about posting frequently and providing updates, but I fear that he alone isn't capable of solving this issue, and the remaining necessary people don't know about it or just don't care.

Even Vrakthris, after immediately acknowledging that the maintenance fixed nothing two days ago (I guess "BlizzardCS" didn't even bother reading the thread before tweeting it) has been silent for 48 hours. I'm sure he's doing his best, but it would be nice if anyone else at Blizzard did anything at all on this issue. Every day that this isn't fixed, that mail inches closer to expiring, and will presumably be even more difficult to recover.

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#12 - 2013/10/31 08:30:00 PM
Sorry for the miscommunication, Unruhe, the person monitoring the twitter feed was going off of the original information we had received after the "fix" was implemented. They missed the update.

We are awaiting a response from development to see what steps they can take or that CS can. I'll update your original thread as soon as I have news.

I'm going to lock this one up so we can keep the information in one place.


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