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#1 - 2013/10/30 05:22:00 PM
I mean after weeks of farming (and in some cases, years), Ashes of Al'ar and Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake were finally mine.

And then 28 days later, in the month of October no less, you have the audacity to give me The Horseman's Reins and Swift White Hawkstrider on the same day?

That's like asking for a horde of zombies to come and eat me! You'll have me spamming Turn Evil for days!

Update: You now haunt me by placing Deathcharger's Reins in my hands only hours later?!

Blizzard, what are you trying to pull here?!

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#14 - 2013/10/30 05:54:00 PM
Your good fortune has earned the envy of your friends and foes, Horde and Alliance. This calls for a celebration!

{◕ v ◕} <-- This is my happy emote.