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#1 - 2013/10/30 01:17:00 AM
My apologies for potentially posting for something that's been posted before.

But I've looked extensively and can't find a verified answer.

If I've done the last 2 wings of ToT and the first 2 wings of SoO on LFR and gotten no Titan Runestones, then I go to do them on Flex / normal / heroic... can the bosses that didn't drop anything on LFR, then drop it on Normal / flex / heroic?

Or does the loot table lock it out on all difficulties if completed on one?


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#2 - 2013/10/30 01:26:00 AM
You're only eligible for one attempt for a legendary drop per eligible boss per week across all difficulties. If you have more questions, I wrote a quasi mini-guide on drops for Wrathion's legendary quest line.