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#1 - 2013/10/28 09:32:00 PM
Back in the day you had to invest hours grinding a single task to achieve anything. Furthermore, that time could be increased due to other player competition & gankers. And to even get to the zone to farm you had to walk uphill in the snow for hours to get there because the game didn't shower you with riches so you couldn't afford a mount.

Now everything is within reasonable distance of itself & you can group up & quest with friends and others much more quickly. This means you can get quests done quickly and get large amounts of gold at a reasonable pace. But not just quests, dungeons and even raids can be easily accessed. Before you to spend about 30min to a few hours in Trade hunting for a Mage/Tank/and Healer to run a single dungeon. And many dungeons and raids had key requirements and attunements to keep players alts from joining in the run. Now you can just chill out in the capital and relax all cool in a queue and talk in Trade or go out into the game world and play the game while the game does all the work of LFG for you.

This is the reason for sub changes in Blizzard's game as Blizz has made efforts to create faster paced gameplay at the expense of the extended grind in all aspects of the game. If nothing is done to address this issue I will keep playing the game.

TL;DR: Blizzard needs to bring back the night to help create a better game environment, just like how nights were in Vanilla.

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#14 - 2013/10/28 09:45:00 PM
I disagree with everything you didn't say.