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#1 - 2013/10/25 11:27:00 AM
Greetings, first of all, srry for my bad english and grammar.

The reason for writing this post is because that i begging you, on my bare knees, to please remove the LFR feature. The reasons why is because i dont think that ANYONE finds any kind of joy in doing LFR.

People in LFR is refusing to learn tactics, wich leads to that they keep on dying or destroying other peoples chances of actually pulling it through with a boss. People are extremly inpatient, since they think that a LFR HAS to be done as quick as possible, wich is impossible and it simply destroys the chances for people, once again, becuase they instantly pulls the boss in order to complete it quickly. But in 90% of those times they pull the boss, atleast 5 people dies from it and tanks are not prepared ANYWHERE on this, wich leads to that everyone eventually wipes and its there the worst part of LFR comes in.

I dont know what kind of manors people have been growing up with, but when people seriously start to call people horrible things such as C#NT, WH##E or even the words name, the N word, a little piece of my dies and my faith in humanity fades away. Is this really what you want? do you really want to sit in a group with 24 people calling you horrible things, threatening to kill youre family or even start discriminating you for being black / white or belong to a certain religion?

Second thing is also that people doesnt even care about the tactics on bosses aswell. Even tho someone is being a angel and wants to help people to learn by telling the tactics, in detail. Still people is refusing to learn OR read the Dungeon Journal and jumps straight in and destroys EVERYTHING for EVERYONE.

Third thing, Everytime i say "Why cant blizzard remove LFR?" I always get the same response. "Then dont do LFR?". The problem with that is that LFR has become something that is not even optional anymore, its something you are FORCED into doing. The reasons for that is these:
1: we have to do LFR to get gear so we can join raid guilds (yes, i know timeless isle exists but some guilds doesnt count the gear from the island, as proper raid gear, strange enough)
2: We have to do LFR in order to get better gear for our own Guild raids, to increase our performance in order to get the gear from the Normal / Flex versions of the raid.
3: We have to do LFR for the Legendary quest
4: Most guilds have it as a requirement, that everyone does LFR in order to see the boss-fights, wich i simply refuse doing since i prefer to do it the old fashion way, reading tacts on the internet or watch a guide on youtube made by a famous guild such as Icy Veins or Method and so on.

As i recall it, you implemented the LFR in order to give Casual players a chance to experience the "epic" raids. I want to get one thing straight here.
There has NEVER been such thing, as a CASUAL RAIDING guild. If you gonna raid, you have to put down 110% on it. If you dont have time to raid, then im sorry, but i have to say sucks to be you.

All i want is that you remove this LFR nonsense. Im completely fine with Pug Raids, since if somone refuses to learn or screws things up, you can simply jsut replace them. Not in LFR, there you have to get like 5 votes (correct me if im wrong) in order to kick someone. Im completely fine with normal 10 and 25 man raids, im fine with the flex raid feature. But LFR is destroying the whole concept of Raiding itself.

If you really want to save WoW and perhaps get people back, you should focus ALOT more on the serious raiders, the seroius PVP / Arena players and the RP community.

I know that Blizzard will most likely ignore this post completely, but if someone agrees with this post or disagree, try to keep it on a mature level and write why. Youre voice is just as important as mine.

From // a devoted Vanilla Veteran Raider

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#47 - 2013/10/28 05:51:00 PM
There are existing threads on this topic. If you’d like to add anything further, please continue the discussion in one of those.