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#1 - 2013/10/09 05:53:00 PM
I encounter the same problem nearly everytime i try to log on for Raids, an hour long queue after 6pm (7pm server time) in order to try and get in.

Silvermoon is so busy the queue is literally in the thousands anytime after 7pm servertime, i have tried logging in earlier but it tends to disconnect me from the game unless i sit there every five minutes and do something, which just isnt practical.

Most of us work or have other obligations, so logging on early isnt always possible if possible at all. Why on earth did you allow a server to get so highly populated that it literally cannot accommodate the players on it? Its ridiculous.

Can you please, please do something to either increase capacity or start sharing realm-loads through this connected realm thing.

I know Silvermoon isnt the only server like this, and people have been asking for years for blizzard to increase the capacity and quality of the servers to deal with high occupancy times.
When are you finally going to do it?!?!

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#33 - 2013/10/28 10:23:00 AM
We've been talking about this in another thread; please continue there instead of reviving older threads on the same topic, Azastral.