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#1 - 2013/10/24 09:01:00 AM
"World of Warcraft has been around forever, well... since the birth of Azeroth at the very least."

It has seen its ups and downs, we all know warriors are strong. To be fair, I believe blizzard will get around to nerfing them by the end of the patch. The question is, why should you nerf them before the patch ends?

    Fear breaker? Check
    Root breaker? Check
    On demand burst? Check
    Insane control class? Check

Does anyone remember when ferals lost mobility, fear breaker and because of immunity to poly? As a shadow priest, all I can do to warriors is disarm, and that... is the thing they have to trinket from us. *feel my pain, share it among friends*

I literally cannot control them.


World of Warcraft is like Rock, paper, scissors.
Rogues are scissors
Warriors are Rocks
Mages, priests, paladins, shamans, hunters and druids are paper.

Warlocks are mushrooms.

Scissors beats paper, Paper beats rock.

Until Rock gets fully geared at which point Rock becomes an unstoppable killing machine, that would also beat scissors, but it can't find scissors.

(You get the point lol). Sigh... *uses glyph of confession on blizzard* "Blizzard says: My hands are tied until the end of the patch, but rest assured, we will look to nerf them then".

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#18 - 2013/10/24 08:17:00 PM
There are more than enough threads in this forum about Warrior balance already.