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#1 - 2013/10/10 08:40:00 PM
Ji-Kun Hatchling
Azure Crane Chick - S/S or P/P, stoned
Death Adder Hatchling - P/P, stoned
Lil' Bling - stoned
Living Sandling - H/H, lvl 25
Eye of the Legion - lvl 25
Shore Crawler - P/P, stoned (no longer obtainable through vendor)
Fiendish Imp - S/S

15k on Stormrage, A-US

Living Fluid x 2
Crawling Claw
Ominous Flame for roommate
extra engy pets for roommate
Blackfuse Bombling

Want (yeah right)
Rocket Chicken
(and all the other virtually impossible pets I'm still missing, hah)

For Swap
Ashleaf Spriteling - S/S --> Ashleaf Spriteling - P/P, stoned or unstoned
DM Rabbit - H/S --> DM Rabbit - S/S
Droplet of Y'shaarj - P/S --> Droplet of Y'shaarj - P/P

Notes to keep in mind
(in effort to avoid wasting others' time and patience)
- My b-tag is Mushalor#1188; please put your offer in your friend request so I know what it's for.
- I'm unavoidably a little slow at replies. If a player has another/better offer from another source and it's quicker, too, feel free to take it. I won't be offended. I also end up with a lot of offers, so I apologise if someone's trade enticed me more.
- Thank you for reading, and good luck with pet trades!

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#20 - 2013/10/22 01:08:00 AM
Please take care not to bump or spam posts, thank you! This thread will now be locked.