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#1 - 2013/10/21 01:04:00 PM
I've seen that there is a rule on the forums where if someone talks about killing themselves we are to report that. My question is this: what if someone in game is talking about suicide?
Someone I know in game is going through a rough break-up. He is fairly young and has threatened to kill himself three times in the past few hours. He doesn't live in the United States so I don't know who to contact or tell him to call, and I don't know that he would be receptive to a "call a hotline" suggestion anyhow.
If I tell someone at the company will they know what to do? I don't know this person well enough to know if they are planning something or not, and it's not something I care to bet on either way. I want to help but I don't know how.
I'm posting this on my main so people can hopefully tell I'm not trolling.
And dude, if you see this don't get mad. You can't just say stuff like that and not have people get worried.
Edit: If a Blue sees this and wants to you can message me in game or even call me; you guys do have my phone number and I'll tell you the name and rough timelines of these conversations.

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#78 - 2013/10/21 02:14:00 PM
Hi there, Tabitha --

First off, we take threats of suicide very seriously. Regardless of if you know this person well enough or not, what you need to do is open a ticket either in game or through the website. Select the following prompts:

World of Warcraft > I have an in-game issue > I want to report another player > I want to report a real-life threat > Continue > Submit a Ticket

You would provide the players character name & realm, the time frame this took place, and a description of what is happening. As much information you can provide is key.

Again, we do take these threats very seriously and we hope for the best for this individual.