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#1 - 2013/10/17 05:27:00 AM
While this is all great, and hopefully a step in the right direction, the biggest thing I can see to help with balancing is to actually make mid-season changes. I mean, we go thru a PTR session, we make our complaints, blizzard doesn't do anything... maybe cuz they think it's ptr, or maybe they don't care about our conccerns, or maybe they think our concerns are invalid. But then the season starts, and several specs are clearly above the rest, and people cry for fixes, but again, changes are NEVER made.

So we whine and complain for a full season until something is changed and at that point it no longer matters. All we want is for equal competition among classes, and fixing obvious problems regularly is the way to ensure a happy PVP populace. Yes, all these top-tier players will hopefully help resolve some of the unnecessary CC issues in the game, but CC is only part of the issue. How certain classes deal with CC is another issue.... for instance, a shaman can get out of a fear and top a partner up no problem, but druids are a whole different story. I'm just saying that mid-season changes are a NECESSITY when it comes to a balanced season.

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#29 - 2013/10/17 11:24:00 PM
It's probably worth clarifying why we're hosting a small, invitational PvP Summit at Blizzard HQ.

First and foremost, this isn't a class balance summit. We're not bringing in these guys to talk about specific tweaks to specific classes for the current season.

We're hosting the event to candidly discuss a broad number of subjects with respect to PvP, including reward structures, battleground design, arena design, general PvP content/gameplay, future plans, and yes, we'll spend some time on class design. These guys aren't class representatives. They're highly skilled and knowledgeable players, and we want to have an open, in-person dialog with them about the game. They've spent a lot of time scrutinizing World of Warcraft's PvP content over the years, so we want to get them all in a room for a day and have some focused discussions, debates, hug-it-out sessions, and so on. :)

Sam Kwok from Arena Junkies and Olivia Grace from WoW Insider will be reporting on some of the info that's discussed, though given that we'll spend a good deal of time on "big picture" ideas, a lot of the information will be confidential in the short term.

Check out Olivia's preamble on WoW Insider.