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#1 - 2013/10/17 05:22:00 AM
to deterrence-ers, please, really.

Seriously, can you guys do anything else?
Every 5 seconds... ching ching ching...
Every fight vs a hunter, 10 deterrences in a row within 5 seconds...
All day long...

Give them something else, this paladin-ish 100% immunity bubble is simply such a load of BS!
Every second ten zillion times ZING ZING ZING ZING ZING ... oh wait I got another move ready, guess what it is? Yes, ONE MORE DETERRENCE ZING ZING ZING !!!

It's just so freaking annoying, a handicap for retarded keyboard turning noobs who need to buy themself time to estimate the situation and even after that have no idea wtf to do.
It's just a pathetic panic button for noobs.
Change it, give them some other new skills that add up in defensive value instead, but remove this idiotic deterrence spam. And oh, nice job on removing the weapon requirement.
As a warr I disarm a hunter, and they still can use deterrence.

How? Are they using their hands, flailing around like a tornado and deflecting every epic weapon attack with their BARE HANDS? Jesus christ the STUPIDITY!

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#16 - 2013/10/17 04:07:00 PM
If you have any serious thoughts on any aspect of the game, we're happy to hear them. However, I don't think this fits into that category.

I get that people may need to vent once in a while, but if you do so here, please consider calming down beforehand, then trying to include some useful information such as the circumstances in which you have trouble with certain abilities or mechanics, and how you think they could be tweaked.

Insulting people and using derogatory terms only ensure your thoughts will not be passed along, and in some cases may result in you being unable to post genuine feedback and discussion on the forums for a while.