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#1 - 2013/10/16 10:41:00 AM
Ok, so this week once again i am in LFR and i`m on the last boss of the 3rd wing the boss goes down easy enough and i get some loot Britomarts jagged Pike. This loot is 100 percent useless to me (not even good for transmog because it looks like something that would drop from a quest reward) but hey i can accept that because this is the way the loot system works its not fair its not based on skill its based on luck but its warcraft and i can accept that. What i cannot accept is that the fact that i use a warforged seal (that i can only get 3 of a week) and gt given exactly the same useless loot again! i used the seal because i needed the trinket from this boss not given useless loot again! I think this to be very iriitating especially due to the fact that exactly the same thing has happened to me in previous weeks. Does anybody else find this more than just a bit frusrating? I would of been less insulted if i had got gold tbh. There are others that need loot - so why not give it to them instead of giving me useless loot not once but twice in the same encounter! I would love some feedback from blizzard on this please - could you not implement a system that stops this from happening? Because it really feels like to me that i`m being punished for doing Lfr and using Warforged seals

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#20 - 2013/10/17 03:36:00 PM
We realize that sometimes RNG can be frustrating.
I’m just not sure how beneficial it would be for the game and its longevity, if all of a sudden RNG started being “smart” and avoiding giving out items that are either useless or redundant to players.

“Smart loot” is great for quests and lower level content, but messing around with the randomness of loot attribution in high-end content is, in my opinion, something that would only be detrimental to the game.
LFR already gives out loot that is based on spec, that’s as far as we are willing to go with “smart” RNG in such environments, also, that only happens because of the nature of that specific loot system.
From a design standpoint, it’s perfectly ok for loot not always being desirable. Rarity is exciting.