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#1 - 2013/10/17 08:58:00 AM
Hello, I very rarely post on these forums but something has come to mind while playing. May I just say beforehand this isn't a hate thread about blizzard and the wonderful World of Warcraft its just a small issue.
I recently levelled my fourth level 90 character, hurrah for me right, but here's the problem, what am I meant to do with it? It just sits there in Ironforge with my other level 90s that aren't my main waiting for something to do. Now there is tonnes of content one could do but I've done it all on this character (not saying I've done everything, but rather as much as I can or want to do). I feel the only way to play my alts is to go through the same as this character, dailies or the same raids I've done countless times already. Where's the differentiation between my characters? I wish there was no forced way of gaining gear and progressing with my character.
What's other people's thoughts? Do you feel like gear levelling an alt or getting exalted with a faction that took ages? I know timeless isle is out now for welfare epics but even that I've done in its entirety before. I don't know what the answer is, I just wondered peoples thoughts :).
I want to say I love World of Warcraft and always had, this isn't hate!

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#8 - 2013/10/17 10:50:00 AM
I generally try to have all professions available to me, so that's my personal reason for keeping my alts somewhat end-game.

I also like the ability to help out my guild if we're short on a healer or a tank for a raid or dungeon, so it's handy to have a tank, healer and DPS at level cap. To me, playing some of the same content as a different role can really change up the game. Tackling a boss as a tank can give me some great insights on that encounter for my healer, and often DPS too.

As others here have said, PvP is another thing that keeps me playing a certain alt of mine. While I'm not the greatest PvPer on my main character, I do love battlegrounds with one of my other characters, and that's all I use her for (besides her profession).