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#1 - 2013/10/15 12:36:00 PM
Okay, really, what's up with the catch up mechanic? Started PvPing with a friend this week, my cap is 3800/4200 (arenas/RBGs). His is 4800/5200. I log two different alts, both of which are 90 and neither of which I've actively played for several months. One has 4200 max and the other has 5200 max.

I made a ticket about me and my friend having different caps starting the same week, and the GM told me that my cap was correct and when I asked him about my friend having a cap that was a thousand points higher he claimed that "you're wrong, I checked and you both have the same caps". Since we both needed to gear up, me and my friend have ONLY done random (unrated for emphasis) battlegrounds - and my friend with his higher cap has earned >4000 points, buying grievous chest and shoulders (which are equipped on armory).

I pointed out to the GM that if his cap was the same as mine, it'd be impossible for him to earn enough points to buy both and got the answer that the only way my friend could earn more than 4000 points was to do RBGs, so he must have done that. I told him he hasn't done any RBGs, we literally did every battleground together until I was capped and my friend was still getting conquest points. Got the answer that "maybe his UI is bugged".

Since my friend was at 4200 earned at this point, he queued up for another unrated random battleground. Even if he'd somehow done rated battlegrounds and developed amnesia, it'd be impossible for him to get more than 4200... well, now he's sitting on 4275 earned.

Searched around, found this:

Where people are saying that starting now, you should get 4800/5200.

Now, I made the ticket before I discovered my alts had different caps so I couldn't ask the GM about that but really, what's going on here?

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#4 - 2013/10/17 09:52:00 AM
The calculation for finding out the value of your Conquest cap is as follows:
(Week of season - 1) * 1000 – Conquest points earned this season + Cap received from your current rating = Weekly cap
Since we are in week five right now, your cap should be 5800/6200 if you have earned no Conquest points this season and have the default cap. You've said that you haven't done any Rated BG's or Arenas, but have you by chance won some normal battlegrounds this season and earned some Conquest points through that?

If you can provide me with your currently displayed Conquest cap and your total number of Conquest points earned this season (Found by hovering over your Conquest Points in the "Currency" tab on your character sheet) I will be able to confirm if your current total of Conquest points is correct or not. :)

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#16 - 2013/10/17 02:31:00 PM
17/10/2013 13:37Posted by Pandabacon
That's an extreme amount of farming you have to do before it's tuesday night.
The catch-up cap is not just there for one week. If you're unable to get the full cap by Tuesday night, then it will carry over to the next week. Just use the calculation I provided earlier to figure out if you will still have an increased cap the next week.

Let's say I have just started playing a character 5 weeks into the season and have a 6200 cap, I manage to earn 2000 points of my catch up cap that week. That means in week 6 I will have a cap of: (6 - 1) * 1000 – 2000 + 2200 (Default cap for the sake of simplicity) = 5200

So the catch up cap is not just something you have for one week, it applies throughout the entire season to help you with catching up. :)

17/10/2013 14:37Posted by Skiptis
My cap this week is correct.
I'm glad to hear that your cap managed to get sorted and is now correct. :)