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#1 - 2013/10/16 03:56:00 PM
Does Blizz really care about getting rid of Bots in the game? I know we all see them constantly and they are prevalent in random Bgs and nothing seems to be done about them so looking in from the outside of the game development and control it seems while they are "illegal" to use its just a minor infraction and Blizz does not care about getting rid of them.

I have a friend on another server who uses a Bot in BGs (yes I let my feelings be known about that to him) and he told me he has been reported 4 times and got threatened to be banned or account suspended for a period of time but as of yet no action has been taken against him.

So my question again is does Blizz really care about banning bots or do they just see them as a money making tool and while they claim to work on getting rid of them they do nothing about it?

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#3 - 2013/10/16 04:02:00 PM
but as of yet

That is the 65 Million Dollar Question.

He's playing Russian Roulette with his account if he doesn't take those warnings to heart.

We see posts here everyday from players that didn't think the rules applied to them.

We do our best to educate players, but if education doesn't work and the ban hammer falls, there really isn't much in the way redeeming yourself at that point.


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#11 - 2013/10/16 05:55:00 PM
My recommendation is use AFK, it's simple, right-click report.

Will they get booted from THAT BG, maybe, maybe not - but those reports stick and carry over.

Before long, they'll be unable to play for at least awhile - and if they don't learn from the warnings, permanently.

That's totally different from our other methods on a wider scale, it can ultimately be faster.