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#1 - 2013/10/16 01:17:00 PM

Seriously, know theres been other posts on it. But look at this crap. Holy hell, worse as RBG.

Its the same problem as s12 now, peoples ratings are been artificially inflated.

Please fix it.

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#2 - 2013/10/16 02:01:00 PM
If you feel that you have found someone who is abusing the Arena system by win trading or cheating in any fashion, then please feel free to open an in-game ticket listing the following information:
  • Player Name.
  • Realm Name.
  • How they are breaking the rules.
  • In which bracket specifically they are breaking the rules

Once the Game Master receives your report, they will investigate the matter fully and deal with the player in question. While they cannot discuss the actions that they take and those actions may not be publicly visible, all reports are taken seriously and handled appropriately.