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#1 - 2013/10/16 09:46:00 AM
Ok so I want you guys to tell me what u think about this :)

Level 15 talents:

Juggernaut -Increase cd by 3 second.

Double Time -Why not change it in this way,instead of 2 charge,you learn new ability Intercept(warrior spell that was removed in cata)so charge cd would be 20 sec but you will have intercept that cost 20 rage and on a 20 sec cd.

Warbringer -This spell is fine :)

Reason for this changes would be fixing too much mobility warrior have atm.Also make intervene/safeguard cd abit more for like 15 second.

Level 30 talents:

Enraged Regeneration -Buff on 12.5% hp heal and 12.5% overtime 25% while enraged and 25% overall also cd on 45 sec instead of 1 minute.

Second Wind -Instead of 3% every sec on 35%,1% health every sec all the time.

Impending Victory -no changes to this :)

Let me explain why buff enraged regen so much,most of the classes have healing reduce spells, also you use your berserker rage instead for removing gouge, sap, monk sap or fear for more heals.If you think its too weak you can always use rallying cry for even more heals,and people will take something different than only second wind for PvP.Now,if you are concerned second wind would be too op or weak let me explain,as warrior id rather have some heals before 35% than to be unkillable machine on 35%,so warriors wont be unkillable on 35% also warriors will have some heals before 35% and if you think its too weak,using rallying cry(on low health ofc) will increase your health which will increase your second wind heals and allow you to survive more.

Level 45 talents:

Staggering shout - Leave spell same as it is just without breaking on damage

Piercing Howl - spell is fine :)

Disrupting shout - leave spell same as it is, But make it get 7-10 sec global if pummel is used before that, and 7-10 sec global for pummel if disrupting shout is used before.

More than 75% PvP warriors use Disrupting ability in Level 45 talents,by buffing staggering things will change.Pummel+Disrupting Op I think everyone will agree with me that having to fake cast 2 heals is nightmare specialy if you get interupted warrior will just get you to 30-50% cos of the op damage atm,so make it lil bit easier for healers ,if you fake cast one you have 7-10 sec to do something,if you are thinking why 7-10 sec, well its simple,if you fake cast warr he will leap into charge and do whatever so you arent able to cast while his interupt is on cd, so 3 or 5 sec would be too little but we dont want to nerf it so much so everyone take staggering over disrupting 7-10 would be just fine .

Skipping Level 60 talents,will explain why after :)

Level 75 talents:

Mass Spell reflection - Same as with pummel and disrupting, Mass spell reflection and spell reflection should get 7-10 sec global after one is used .

Safeguard -if they make safeguard/intervene 45 sec cd then this spell should have buffed duration so its 20% reduced dmg for 10 sec instead of 6 sec.

Vigilance - reduce cd from 2 min to 1.5 min.

Making this changes will make more choice for warrior in PvP,Mass spell reflection wont be choosen so much over safeguard,also by making vigilance cd less it will be able to compete with other two .

Okay Level 60 and Level 90 talents.

I would change place of storm bolt and bladestorm,that way warriors wont be able to have 2 stuns also bladestorm wont be so incredibly strong like it is atm when used with bloodbath or avatar.So after that place change talents would be like this:

Level 60 talents:

Storm Bolt -fine as it is :)

Shockwave - increase cd of it from 40 to 1 minute (30 sec if 3 targets) and stun duration by 1 sec.

Dragon roar - its basicly pve spell I dont see any use of it in pvp in anything so this spell being removed from game wouldnt even be noticable, its fine how it is(useless for pvp) :P

Reason for shockwave cd increase is so storm bolt can compete with it ,so 1 target stun for 4 sec on 30 sec cd or aoe stun for 5 sec on 1 min cd,you choose :)

Level 90 talents:

Avatar - Spell is fine how it is even tho I would love to transform into colossus(like tooltip says) not into a stone lol

Bloodbath - fine how it is :)

Bladestorm - fine how it is :)

So with all this changes to warrior talents we would get much more fun class to play and way less op :) Mobility of warrior would be pretty much normal ,now its too much, disrupting and mass spell reflection would be fixed ,surviving as warrior would be more fun and challenging and will requre you to actualy think when to use defensive cds :P warriors will only have 1 stun instead of two and bladestorm wont be used with avatar/bloodbath for incredible amount of damage like it is atm.With all this changes Id nerf slam to 235% or 225% wep damage.
I think this changes would make warrior much less op and more fun to play what do you think? :)

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#37 - 2013/10/16 12:59:00 PM
Thanks for your feedback everyone, however please try to avoid creating duplicate threads. If you wish to continue providing feedback on warriors in PvP, please do so in this thread: