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#1 - 2013/10/14 10:45:00 AM
Hi All

Take a good look at this post as it will be locked soon, at least that is what happened to previous threads regards this char/person.

We called the bank to stop the card, which is a monumental pain!!!

We opened a ticket and Battle.Net support techy connected with my husband. Who said *it isnt Blizzard* with a string of questions ... so for fun I type this name in Google ... I got 1700 hits, all to do with bank fraud linked to Blizzard having this name. People that have had money taken from their account, and each time Blizzard says *its not them* ... really? 1700 hits on Google ... and it still isnt you? There is a problem ... please fix it!!

Disgruntled player >.<

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#8 - 2013/10/14 12:06:00 PM
Hey Madamfizz,
I'm afraid this isn't something we can assist with on the forums. If you have already spoken with a member of our support team and they say that they are unable to assist then I would advise, as others here have done, that you contact your bank.

Best of luck in getting this resolved.