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#1 - 2013/10/08 07:50:00 PM

I know this is a little early date to create this thread but whatever, let's start to make own wishlists about PvP and start early speculations about next expansion. You can focus on a single class / classes or just some common wishes.

My own wishlist:

- Less instant CC and "arms-race".
- Long CC-chains should be available but they should be interruptable also. Like hardcasted Polymorph-Hex-Poly-Fear instead of instant stuns in a row to score a kill.
- Talent tree revamp so that there I don't have to change my talents for each arena match separately. I really liked the Cataclysm talent trees.
- More rewards which are attached to ratings. Not gear or anything which gives you advantage in Arena or PvP but something to pursuit and make you do your best.
- PvP-vendor to capital city. I did like when PvP-vendors were in Orgrimmar and you knew the people who were near the PvP-vendors or dueling in Durotar.
- New Wintergrasp/Tol Barad. When WG was introduced it was quite epic experience if there was equal teams against each other.
- Remove of RBG's or at least make people able to cap fully via Arena.

I might add more later if I figure out something.

Edit: I've now contributed the thread with more in-depth wishlist (originally posted in here:

I guess it's time to write a longer post than my first post in this thread. I'm going to focus to game mechanics in this post rather than content.

There are few main things I'm going to focus on this post instead for a specific list like "remove ability X from class Y". The main concerns which I think the game contains are:

1. Casting while moving
2. Instant casts
3. The amount of CC and instant CC
4. Cooldown dependency
5. RNG-factors
6. New talent-systems
7. Conquest point system
8. Dispel mechanics
9. PvP-power / Resilience, Battle Fatigue
10. Self-healing

So lets begin!

1. I was playing some battlegrounds on my warlock today to get some gear and it reminded me how ridiculous it is to cast while moving. I remember when Fire mages got the ability to cast Scorch while moving. It was the wrong approach to add these cast-while-moving and instant cast mechanics to the issue that melee had too much uptime on casters.

I think casting while moving made positioning more redudant in arena so it made individual skill less valuable. It also made casters easier to play and in my opinion all of these abilities which allow people to cast while moving should be removed. That's the wish number one.

2. Instant casts are the second issue currently in the game. There should be instant casts in the game, otherwise melee would be too dominant but currently there are too many instants which creates a need for blanket silences and stuns. If casters were casting more, interrupting and fake-casting would be more valuable so it would increase the skill-cap of the game and again make individual skill more valuable. Reducing the amount of instant casts is the wish number two.

3. Like I said in the beginning of this thread, long CC-chains should be existant but they should be interruptable. Nobody likes to be CC'd for 15 seconds and in the row watch teammate dying while team is unable to interrupt CC-chain because it's instant stuns or CC in a row. If long CC did require casting it would again promote interrupting and positioning which is a good thing. Of course things like NS-Cyclone could remain in the game but cooldowns should be high enough. The wish number three: reduce the amount of CC and instants.

4. Cooldown depency has increased in two past expansions and it has made the metagame boring. Either you blow up something in the first zerg or you wait 3 minutes for the next burst. This isn't rewarding playstyle and makes teams more class dependant than before. Cooldown stacking should be banned and basic damage should be increased a little bit. The wish number four: make classes less cooldown depentant.

5. Rng-factors should remain in the game because it makes game more reactive but only for damage spells like Mortal Strike or other main damage abilities. Things like Disarms or Colossus Smash should be always hitting the target because nobody likes to be unable save the healer because a opposing melee parried Disarm. The wish number five: rework RNG-factors.

6. Like I stated in the first post, I don't like to be forced to re-pick my talents for every arena match depending what comp I play against. I did like the Cataclysm model where you could tweak your talents a bit according what kind of player you were. For example Rude Interruption was a great talent for some and not that great for others. The wish number 6: bring back the old talent system.

7. This one is a short one. The wish number seven: Make people able to cap fully via Arena and make conquest cap gain equal for RBG and arena.

8. The current dispel-playstyle isn't that bad but I prefered the WotLK or Cataclysm ones over the current one. If healers would be able to dispel CC more efficiently melees wouldn't need as much CC-breakers or CC-immunities. The wish number eight: Revert the dispel changes.

9. I think the whole PvP-power, base-Resilience and Battle Fatigue is a mess and it's hard to understand, especially for new players and I think this wasn't the intention while creating these factors. Resilience could be reverted back to Cataclysm state if PvE-gear was disabled from instanced arena and burst dependancy and cooldown stacking was reduced. It was more fun to heal when your heals were big and you were able to top up your partner quickly after a CC or burst but the damage was also dangerous outside of the cooldowns like in WotLK or Cataclysm. The wish number nine: remove PvP-power and Battle Fatigue and recreate Resilience.

10. I commented on Evelin's post in this thread about removing all the self heals like this. I think it sums up my conclusions about self-heals quite nicely: "I agree with the first paragraph completely but removing every single self-heal isn't the right solution in my opinion. Let's take an example: Second Wind is ridiculous talent in it's current form but it used to be great. It only healed when warrior was stunned or rooted and gave some rage too, so it was helping, but not completely counter, a warrior survive through roots and stuns.

I can only comment on the classes I play or I've played but I think self-healing of those classes were perfectly fine in Cataclysm. Warrior had old school SW, Victory Rush and Enraged Regeneration. Priest had healing spells in Shadow-spec but they weren't overpowered and the previous Vampiric Touch gave SP it's unique touch. Warlock had healthstones and some passive healing from DoTs and Drain Life was a filler for Affliction which basicly gave "passive" healing while doing damage. Mage had glyph for Evocation-healing which was nice, gave some emergency healing but with a long cooldown.

Of course there are lots of ridiculous healing mechanisms in the game like the current SW but there are some classes which need some self-heals to remain viable / fun to play but there are also classes which don't really need any specials heals like mages, rogues or hunters."

The wish number ten: reduce the amount self-healing to the state of Cataclysm with few exceptions like Recuperate.

That's my more in-depth wishlist for 6.0. I'm glad and thankful about all of your replies and suggestions. With blue tag in here it gives some hope about the upcoming state of PvP.

So how's your wishlist?

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#72 - 2013/10/11 05:41:00 PM
That's an awful lot of really constructive feedback and thoughts about what you'd like to be seeing in the next expansion. It's great to see you all discussing this with such passion and I look forward to seeing your continued discussion on the topic.

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#240 - 2013/10/17 12:52:00 PM
In regards to those of you who are raising concerns over the current amount of crowd control that is around right now, we just want to make sure that you're aware that we will be working to reduce the amount and frequency of crowd control in the next expansion, while also making diminishing returns easier to comprehend.

One thing to note though is that while we're aware that it's not enjoyable to be unable to play your character at times, we also know that it's quite frustrating to be casting a spell and then suddenly see the word "Immune" come up. We'll try to provide more information on this particular topic when we're able.

09/10/2013 01:22Posted by Ishayu
At level 70, you get Stampeding Roar. It increases movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds for you and anyone in your party on a 1 minute cooldown. It replaces Dash.
We already actually do this to some degree, but we purposefully only take it so far. Looking specifically at the Dash/Stampeding Roar example, that will actually cause players to hesitate in using Stampeding Roar for their own benefit and instead will only use it when it'd be most efficient for the entire party. Making changes like this can easily start to cause things to get overly complicated. Plus, this doesn't entirely solve the issue of action bar bloat at max level.

Keep the feedback coming everyone, this thread is awesome! :D