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#1 - 2013/10/11 02:49:00 PM
Hello there. I've been looking for a definate answer on this and have so far been unsuccsesful in finding one.

I understand from Various posts that low pop realms are being connected at a reasonable rate but what about medium pop realms that are when all said and done dead with broken economys ?

I'm currently playing on Shadowsong and it seems to be more and more deserted... when I use Oqraid for groups and warp into another realm the major towns are solid with players - Groups being called etc etc ...

I'm concerned medium realms are going to be overlooked and I for one wont be happy with having to pay for a server transfer if it gets any worse!

There are only 2 25man guilds on Shadowsong Ally thats working towards anything in the raid scene and 1 horde..? Thats a little shameful for a medium population server imo.

Can a blue please confirm either way if mediums / LOW/mediums are being looked at as a viable option please ?

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#4 - 2013/10/11 03:04:00 PM
We're looking at the population of all realms when considering Connected Realms. If a certain realm's overall population isn't at a healthy level, we'll be trying to fix that.

I'm going to redirect any further questions or comments about Connected Realms towards the thread below where we're already discussing it, just so we can keep all discussions on one place. Thanks :)