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#1 - 2013/06/24 05:15:00 PM
Dear Blizzard.

I hope you are well.

I have been a customer for many a year, and must say I have always been a huge fan of WoW.

In the past few years Neptulon (the realm on which I play) seems to have gone into administration. Horde has most certainly gone on strike with a total of 9 active players, alliance are quickly heading down the same road.
This has led me to believe that like the maiden voyage of the titanic, Neptulon is only going one way, and although I could potentially cast "water walking" on myself, I find that the option drowning to be a more appealing one.

Imagine blizzard, imagine that water rising, imagine treading water for days on end in the vague hope that the blizzard ship passes to pick up survivors, only to find that there are no ships and what your floating in isn't water, it's urine.
(Being as large a company as you are, with many bright rising stars I'm sure you worked out the the "ship" was a metaphor for free character migration)

Now that I've painted this picture of Woe, and that you have put yourselves in this situation, I want to offer you a glimmer of hope.
What is this hope Blizzard? What can save you from the ammonia depths that use to be Neptulon.
Well good news, it's a ship.
Hurrah blizzard, not only is it a ship but it bares your flag and battle-standard. Suddenly that little mouthful of pee you accidentally drank on day 3 whilst treading water doesn't seem so bad.
As the ship gets closer a hand comes down to help you on board. At this point, I don't pretend to know whether this be an alliance or horde hand, but regardless the sense of hope and cheer will of come back into your heart as you clamber aboard.

As you open your eyes and look around what do you see Blizzard?

I'll tell you what you see, you see new friends, you see adventure, you see food and a warm place to rest your head, you see a community. Not just any old community, but a thriving community like the one you use to have at Neptulon many moons ago.

As you take your first steps forward being beckoned over by a new friendly guild, your stopped. You hear a voice bellowing "£15 please". Fortunately you have a job, not just any old job but a good job so you reach into your pocket to produce this money only to realize there's nothing there?
Wheres the money gone blizzard? where could it be?
it's at this point you realize that you don't have any money, you spent it all on those pesky bills that appear on a regular basis.
As this point you feel a large boot against your chest as you are violently kicked off the boat back into the urine only to see the boat disappear into the sunset.

I'm sorry for the vague ramblings, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm unhappy with the current options you present to the many players that find themselves lonely on a dead or dying realm. The option of re-rolling is not an appealing one after spending hours of time on a character, and although you are looking at "virtual realms" I feel pretty unloved that up until this point, there has been no help for me.

Sorry for the rant.


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#6 - 2013/10/11 02:53:00 PM
Please don't post in old threads.

Connected Realms are not yet active, Vaneras has been posting about the process in this thread, so you can find out a little more about it there.